We provide API service to create FPS QR code for your online website or invoice printout so that you can accept payment from FPS. All you have to do is to include an IMG tag with the SRC pointing to our API in your HTML code. Also, you can show the QR code as an image in your invoice printout.

Please take a look at the following examples:
Any Amount <img width='100' src='http://www.fps-qrcode.com/?amt=250&mobile=91226561' />
By Mobile <img width='100' src='http://www.fps-qrcode.com/?amt=250&mobile=91226561' />
By Email <img width='100' src='http://www.fps-qrcode.com/?amt=250&email=accchow@gmail.com' />
Chinese Logo <img width='100' src='http://www.fps-qrcode.com/?amt=250&mobile=91226561&lang=tc' />

You can use our API 10 times for free. After that, you should purchase our service to use it any number of times.
TRY IT by entering your FPS registered mobile number with any amount.
Mobile: Amount:

To purchase our service
Please scan and pay the following QR code with FPS (HK$250 to CHOW C** C*****)

and email with the subject of your reference number to cs@fps-qrcode.com. Then it will activate the serivce for you.
Please purchase the following APP (the APP will activate the service for you).